Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and may you all have health and happiness in 2018. As I mentioned yesterday, 2017 wasn’t the best of years for us and I for one am glad that it’s over. I had many plans for 2017 and was hoping it would be a productive year, however, such wasn’t the case. No doubt 2017 could have been much worse than it was, but the passing of my mother-in-law was a low point in the year and was very hard for my wife Louise. This past holiday season was especially hard for her as she was unable to call and speak to her mother on Christmas day as she has done previously for almost 50 years. In an effort to distract from the regular Christmas day routine, we volunteered to pass out presents on Christmas Eve at a local long-term care home. On Christmas day we went back to the same care home and helped serve the large Christmas Dinner at lunchtime, which at the care home is the main meal of their day.

Let’s Open Our Presents

Today, our son and his girlfriend came over to celebrate our Christmas. We opened presents before sitting down to what I anticipate is our last holiday season dinner. As a present, I fixed a guitar that our son had inherited from his grandfather. It was in very rough shape and repair shops he had taken it to told him it could not be fixed and it certainly wouldn’t be playable. They did say it could be cleaned up and then perhaps it could be repaired so it could be hung on a wall or placed in a stand for display. I spent a fair amount of time with my wife cleaning the guitar and polishing the frets before removing the old nut and cutting a new one from a piece of cattle bone and installing it. We patched the holes in the guitar body and then applied a few coats of wax. New strings were then put on and the truss rod was adjusted. I then made some adjustments to ensure the intonation was good and then try playing it. The guitar is now playable and our son is very happy to have his grandfather’s guitar back and even happier he can actually play it.

New Websites

Tomorrow I plan on starting work on some new websites as well as updating this one and adding some additional pages such as a privacy statement and other legal disclaimers. I still need to add an About Us page and update the banner graphics and perhaps make some changes to the layout. As I plan to have multiple websites up, I need to reassess how I can add and make updates to content as quickly as possible. I have Dragon Naturally Speaking on my Windows 10 desktop and laptop computers, so using speech recognition in Microsoft Word will probably be the route I choose. Once the software is trained, accuracy rates should be above 95%. I’m hoping I be disciplined enough to put the hours in everyday to make the websites and YouTube channels successful. With my back issues, I will need to pace myself and take regular breaks until I get used to the daily routine. Of course I will be doing a website and YouTube channel related to guitar (like their aren’t enough of those already) and a website or two providing information on cats. If Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn’t work well, I will try the speech recognition in Windows 10. I will provide updates on the new websites and their progress here on this website. This post was written on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, and it did take some time to complete. I will need to consider speech recognition on my tablet and cell phone as well, or at least use my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for entering content.

Drop back soon and feel free to leave a comment regarding any of the posts on the website or suggestions you may have for future topics.


GP Joa

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