It’s A Canadian Winter

Damn It’s Cold Out There!

No doubt the reference to the cold weather is something most Canadians have heard frequently over the last week or so. Once again, this winter we are hearing the term “polar vortex” and it’s a term that many are still confused by and wonder what exactly does that mean other than it being way colder outside than what it normally is. According to Wikipedia, a polar vortex is a low-pressure area near one of the poles. You can read more on polar vortexes on the Wikipedia page.


I recall back in the fall hearing that the coming winter was going to be very cold with lots of snow. The one who made that prediction seems to have gotten it spot on as it certainly is cold. Here in Ottawa, we have seen temperatures we haven’t seen in many years and I believe that this past December was one of the coldest on record. On December 28, 2017, Ottawa was given the dubious honor of being the coldest capital in the world, beating out Mongolia and Greenland. That same week was the coldest on record for the city of Ottawa and towing companies had troubles keeping up with all the calls they were receiving for vehicles that wouldn’t start. Luckily for myself, I didn’t have any appointments or places to go, so I didn’t have to start the vehicle. Given the temperatures, I did have it plugged in just in case an emergency came up and we needed to go somewhere with the vehicle.

Still Feels Cold

Having spent many years in Thompson, Manitoba as well as Yellowknife, NWT, I have some experience in cold weather, but I found with the humidity of Ottawa, the cold here seemed to make it feel much colder. Our Beagle pup couldn’t spend more than a few minutes outside before he started lifting his feet because they were too cold to keep them all on the ground. For several days he would go out and get his business done as quickly as possible before making a run for the door to get back in the house. I can’t say that I blame him as I was finding it very cold to spend more than a few minutes outside with him. We had a bit of a break from the cold weather, but now it’s back again and will be with us for the rest of the weekend before the temperatures return to normal.

Time For Netflix

No doubt with the cold weather, streaming services are going to see spikes in traffic and I intend to spend much of my time watching Netflix and listening to music on Spotify. Of course, there’s always blog posts I could work on, but that means doing work. I also just bought a new bass guitar, so that will get some use over the weekend and I may even try recording some of my music ideas. In any case, I hope to spend very little time outside other than taking the dog out to do his business and perhaps taking him for short walks around the block as he is unable to go any further than that.

Have any plans for enduring the cold weather? Be happy to hear about them or any other comments you may have on this or other posts on the site. Want to know what the rest of the winter holds for your area of Canada? You can see the AccuWeather map for 2017-2018 here.


GP Joa

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