It’s Been Awhile… Again

History Repeats

I know that I often post about it being awhile since I last posted and come up with reasons why that is. Well, this is another one of those posts. My intentions are good, it’s my execution that really sucks and I need to think about taking a course to stop with my bad habit of procrastination and how to fix that problem. I usually post about how busy I’ve been or that I haven’t been feeling well, which again is one of my main issues, especially the part about not feeling well. I have started a new diet that focuses on limiting the amount of lectins I take in and that has been going well, however, I decided to cheat yesterday and I have been feeling like crap since I ate that bacon and eggs with pancakes yesterday morning for breakfast.

Helping Community

A few weeks ago, I was approached about joining a community organization that focuses on security and crime prevention, areas that I believe I can play an active role in and help provide some valuable insight into. Since I am for the most part retired, I do get about the neighborhood several times a day when I am out walking my dog and do see things that many others may miss due to not being present. A couple of days ago I was approached to participate in yet another committee that also focuses on security and crime prevention, but this time as a representative for our housing coop. I have yet to attend a meeting for that committee, but I am looking forward to it.

Guitar Practice Has Suffered as Well

Just like getting my blog posts out and writing on a regular basis, by guitar practice has also suffered and been on the decline since Christmas. Just like blogging, I will have to step up to the plate and find a way to get things done. I believe it’s just a matter of establishing new habits and making those habits stick and become a daily routine. I hope to have my stomach issues resolved soon as I have a doctor’s appointment next month and we will be seeing a new doctor as our previous doctor of 18 years has decided to retire. He turned his practice over to a new doctor, which was very thoughtful on his part as most doctors in Ontario just retire and leave their patients to find a new doctor on their own. I’m hoping that a new doctor will have a different perspective on my ongoing stomach and digestive issues and perhaps get me to a specialist and have some additional tests done.

Maintenance Workers and IT Infrastructure

Recently, we had some work done in our main office at our coop that involved having a new window installed in the main office which would allow office staff to see who is coming into the common room. Previously, office staff could not see who was approaching their office until the individual was in their doorway. Now, office staff will be able to keep their office door locked and be able to see through the window who is in the common room and decide if the person is one, they want to let in. This adds a level of security that was lacking and much needed. As the office is in the basement and populated by female staff, there has been some concern that anyone could enter and if so decided, could commit a crime with little chance of being heard.

We do have cameras installed at several points on the property, but this does little to stop a crime in progress and being able to keep staff behind a locked door allow them to see who is at the door through a window helps me and others sleep better at night. Unfortunately, our maintenance person doesn’t seem to understand that computers don’t respond well to having their power instantly cut by turning off the power breaker. Our camera server was inadvertently powered off this way and the file system was completely messed up. As the head of the IT and Security committees, the onus is on myself to get the system back up and running. As it’s a coop, all this work is voluntary and on my own time. So, I have been working the last few days on the camera server, which required the hard drive to be formatted and Windows to be reinstalled as the file system was that messed up. It is now almost done as I have not had a lot of time this week to put into working on computers. Add to the mix that the other computer in the office that the administration staff uses was also powered off the same way and then did not want to start up, didn’t make matters better. Luckily, that computer was able to be restored to a previous point and then worked fine after the Windows update. But that took a couple of hours to resolve and was time taken away from the camera server.

I did have some words for the maintenance guys and made them aware that next time they let me know that they need the network taken offline or use the power buttons on the computer and not the breakers to shut them down.


I hope to start posting more often just as I intend to get back to daily guitar practice. Now it is almost 9pm and I must take my dog out for another walk as he had a lot to eat for dinner and is starting to have some major gas. Then it will be back in the house to get in some guitar practice before bed. For those that play guitar, they know how important it is to practice regularly and no doubt this is something that is also transferrable to writing blog posts. Until later.


GP Joa

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