Newborn Found Abandoned Behind Plaza in Toronto


Newborn Baby Found Outside Toronto Plaza

Some disturbing news from this morning when it was reported that a newborn infant was found behind a shopping plaza in Toronto. The infant was found just before 11am local time near Keele Street and Lawrence Avenue. The newborn is believed to have been delivered in the alley near the shopping plaza and still had the umbilical cord attached. The baby boy was rushed to hospital where it was announced he was in critical condition. When police showed up at the scene where the baby was found, it was noted the baby was in urgent need of medical attention, but was still breathing and making some murmuring noises.

Mother Has Been Found

The police shifted their attention to trying to find the mother of the newborn. We now know that since the story was first reported, the mother of the newborn child has been found. According to one report, the infant was never abandoned, and it was the mother who called 911 to report finding the newborn. Apparently, the woman was under 20 years old and had kept the pregnancy a secret. The Children’s Aid Society is already involved and will be taking custody of the child before it leaves the hospital. Clearly being left outside in the cold is reason enough to suspect abuse by the mother. The Toronto Police will continue their investigation and try to find out why the mother left the child out in the cold as she did. There could be varying factors involved, so it may take some time before the reasons why come out.

Children’s Aid Now Involved

These types of stories leave me wondering why? Why would someone leave a newborn out in the cold rather than exploring other options if they did not want the child? There could be any number of reasons why a woman would want to keep a pregnancy secret, but there are still resources she could have utilized that are obligated to keep her information confidential. No matter what the reasons are, she left this newborn child out in the elements alone where he could have easily died from exposure. No doubt the Children’s Aid Society is going to take temporary custody of the child and I must wonder if there will be a day the child will go back to its mother to live. She may not want the child now, but may change her mind after some time has passed and the courts and Children’s Aid will want to have the child back with his mother if she will have him and it fit to take care of him.

In any case, this is a sad story and I for one hope the baby boy will pull through and make a full recovery and the mother gets the help she needs. This newborn child could easily have died had it been left out a little longer. It was only -6C in Toronto when the baby was found and had it been the weekend when it was considerably colder, I don’t think this newborn child would have fared so well. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a story and I doubt it will be the last time.


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