What a Snooze Fest

Superbowl 53

I’m sure there are many who watched the Superbowl last night and many of those who thought it was the best game ever. Even though there were a couple of records broken, it was anything but an exciting game in my opinion. I had a hard time staying awake watching it as there were very few good plays, let alone stellar plays that you often expect to take place during a Superbowl game. There was, of course, the punt by Johnny Hekker at 65 yards, and of course, the most Superbowl games played by a single player, which of course is Tom Brady with 9 Superbowl games under his belt. But then there are the not so great records, like the Superbowl with the lowest score ever, which was this one. There was also the fewest points by the winning team of the Superbowl, which again was the New England Patriots with their 11 – 3 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

This is the Superbowl?

So, the actual football wasn’t that good for a Superbowl game. But surely the half-time show had to be great, as they usually are with the best names in the business at the time putting on the show. Again, not anything to write home about and I have no desire to go onto YouTube to watch any portion of it over. Needless to say, there was a great deal of controversy around the

NFL Footballs. Photo courtesy of wikimediacom
NFL Footballs. Photo courtesy of wikimedia.com

half-time show and reportedly, the NFL had a difficult time finding artists who were willing to perform. Reportedly, there were many artists who were asked to perform and refused to do so based on the issues surrounding Colin Kaepernick and his ongoing issues with the NFL organization. Back in 2017, Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem. He then went on to become a free agent and despite his record in the NFL, received no offers from any team in the league to play. He has since filed a grievance against the NFL regarding the matter.


In any case, the NFL was able to get Maroon 5 to perform for the half-time show and they were met with controversy regarding their decision. Reportedly, Maroon 5 had a difficult time finding an act to fill the guest appearance slot. In the end, the half-time show as okay, just not anything like previous years and lacked the pizazz that others have brought to the show in previous years. Watching Adam Levine stripping down to his bare chest while belting out songs in his falsetto voice wasn’t my cup of tea. There are others who probably would say he did a fine job and others who would say not so much.

In the Books

But it is what it is and that Superbowl game is now in the books. I don’t think the book for this most recent Superbowl is a very thick one, but the

Lombardi trophy for winner of the Superbowl game played each year. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia.
Lombardi trophy for winner of the Superbowl game. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia.

facts are in there, nonetheless. I am glad that I wasn’t one of the fans that paid a huge ticket price to attend the game at the stadium as I would have been very disappointed and questioned if I had gotten my money’s worth. The last quarter was a bit more active than the previous three, but still not anything that would have you gripping your seat cushion. Tom Brady didn’t walk away with MVP this time around, but then again, he didn’t do anything that I would consider exciting or innovative. I do believe that Julian Edelman did deserve the MVP award as he was the best player on the field by far, so that decision was a no brainer by the NFL executives. I sure do hope that the game next year is more exciting, or maybe I will just get out the paintbrush and slap some paint on the walls and watch it dry. That would have probably been just as exciting to watch as the football game last night.

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Cheers G-Man

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