Sunny & Gerald
Sunny & Gerald at PetSmart


This site is my personal blog, where I write about current issues or those issues I feel have some importance. My views are my own and others may find them interesting or they may think they are complete garbage, but those people are wrong and I’m correct. I may also from time to time write a product review. At this time I am not sponsored by any companies and the reviews are solely based on my use of the specific product and whether I would recommend it to others or not.

There are ads on the website as I would like to make some additional money to help offset the costs of hosting and other items that are necessary to keep a website up and running. My current source of income is CPP Disability and I will never be able to work again, so this is my means of doing something that may provide some extra money.

My name is Gerald and I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario with my wife Louise, as well as our four cats and dog. I enjoy reading and writing as well as photography and playing the guitar.

I am officially retired, but not by choice. After spending many years working as an underground miner, injuries sustained while on the job made it medically necessary to move to a job that was sedentary. I went back to school and got certifications in the computer field as a hardware technician and network administrator. I then spent almost 10 years in information technology. I first worked as a technical support specialist and moved up through several positions to the role of client services manager. However, in the final couple of years I was in so much pain that after my day at work I would go home and go to bed until I had to get up for my next day of work. My doctors then thought it best if I no longer worked and was better able to manage my activities in an effort to lessen my pain.

I now try to get out for some walking everyday and I also try to get in some guitar practice each day to help time go by. I had to learn some alternate methods to learn guitar, so I may pass on some of that knowledge to others who may have physical limitations who want to learn an instrument. I have also started working on website development, which is something I was doing during my tenure in the IT sector, but haven’t done for the last few years. I’m hoping to get a few websites up and running in the near future and I will provide updates as to their progress and the website addresses on this website.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this website, feel free to leave them. Enjoy the website and visit often.

GP Joa