Are Restaurants Safe Now

Food in the Covid-19 Era During this time when Covid-19 is the subject on most everyone’s mind, many are wondering how safe it is to order from local restaurants. Here in Ontario, Canada, where I live, being able to walk into a restaurant and sit down and eat a meal ended back on March 16, […]

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Happy New Year

Ringing in The New Year Well, 2019 has finally arrived and it’s time to get back to work and get things going again. This past holiday season, we decided to drive up to Timmins, Ontario where our daughter is now living. It was the first long trip we made with our dog Sunny and we […]

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Louise at 50

Celebrating My Wife’s 50th Birthday

Happy Birthday Louise! It was a great evening. You only turn 50 once and although we celebrated a few days after the fact, it did turn out to be a good night. We ended up going to the Mandarin restaurant in Orleans as Louise really enjoyed that restaurant the last time we went on Christmas […]

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