Biden is in Trump is Out and the World Continues Spinning as it Always Has

My Predictions Were Almost Correct

Four years ago when Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, I predicted that one of two things was going to happen, with both seeing his term not being fulfilled. As angry as some people were, I couldn’t rule out there being an assassination attempt. The more likely scenario, was that he would not see his term out due to being impeached, which actually did happen, but the impeachment process didn’t result in his removal from office. Certainly, no one would wish an assassination on anyone despite how disliked or despised by others they may be. There is now a second impeachment process in place, but I doubt that will get very far for reasons I will explain a bit later.

Inauguration Day and the Covid-19 Pandemic

I watched with interest the ceremony of the inauguration of the incoming president and the outgoing one as well. I found it interesting that the outgoing president was not present during the ceremony and left his vice-president to finalize the transition of power. It was also a different ceremony in the context that the mall was not full of people as it was on previous inaugurations given the ongoing pandemic. It was also interesting to see the outgoing president landing in Florida to start his return to civilian life not knowing what was going to happen in regards to the second impeachment process being launched against him in regards to the attack he was accused of inciting on January 6th.

Undoing What Has Already Been Done

Much like Donald Trump did on his first day in office, Joe Biden also had his agenda at the ready to undo what Donald Trump had already done by means of executive orders. Some of these executive orders were in response to the days of the Obama administration and reinstating decisions such as the Keystone project that would affect the livelihood of many Canadians working in the oil industry. There were also those returning the United States to organizations such as the WHO and the Paris climate agreement. Many were aware ahead of Inauguration Day that these orders were being put in place. Despite what distractions these orders would provide, many were fixated on the events of January 6th and what would happen with Donald Trump. The attack that ensued after a speech Donald Trump gave, was and is still at the forefront of the minds of many.

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