Locked Down in Ontario for a Third Wave of Covid-19

What People Really Want to Know Is

For those like myself who live in Ontario, we want to know when the hell is this Covid-19 pandemic going to finally come to an end. We are now into the 15th month of this pandemic and despite vaccines being available and being administered, here in Ontario and in particular, Ottawa, the process is a slow one. People have been complaining that they are unable to book appointments and when they finally do get through, the process is a slow and often flawed one. Many people in Ontario are also complaining that they are unable to book their second dose despite being given a time for their first. Then there are those who have been given an appointment only to learn at a later time that it has been cancelled due to there not being enough vaccine available.

Multiple Systems and Multiple Failures

I believe that the system here in Ontario is one that is found in most of Canada and probably in other countries as well. Most of the appointments being given are based on predicted vaccine supplies, which are based on what the federal government provides to the provinces. The provinces then decide which areas need the vaccines based on data they are utilizing and then the responsibility falls onto the municipal governments. For some time, Ottawa, while being declared the hotspot of the province of Ontario, was not receiving vaccines in proportion to other areas, such as Toronto, slowing the immunization process considerably and contributing to the increased number of positive cases in the city. Despite all the information available from medical experts, people seem to forget all that when the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining outside. Although we seem to be back on track and on par with vaccinations in comparison to other regions, it was very scary for some time as hospitals were going beyond capacity and ICU beds were no longer available. With all the various points in the supply chain, it is difficult for municipalities to know how many vaccines they will have on hand to run their programs and when those supplies for any reason decline, appointments get cancelled. At this point in time, however, Canada is still behind the US when it comes to the percentage of the population vaccinated. But eventually, we will get there.

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