Sunny with his Christmas hat

Why Dog Attacks Are Becoming More Frequent

Walking Your Dog is No Longer Safe I’m not entirely sure why we are seeing more dog attacks over the last couple of months, but I am sure that the blame for these attacks can be attributed to the owners of the dogs. My Beagle Sunny has been attacked twice in less than 3 weeks […]

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My Post Election Analysis and Rant

My take on the recent 2021 Canadian Federal Election. Should this election have been called given the ongoing pandemic?

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Carona Virus

Quebec Imposes New Mandatory Curfews to Help Flatten Covid-19 Curve

Corona Virus and Curfews This past Saturday, Quebecers had to start abiding by new curfew rules which meant they had to be in their homes by 8 pm. There were of course exceptions, but those are few and for the most part, this meant that once 8 pm rolled around on Saturday evening, cities within […]

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Happy New Year and Goodbye to 2020, You Really Sucked!

History Will Remember 2020 I will be turning 60 years old near the end of 2021 and I can say with absolute certainty that 2020 was the worst year I can remember. I’m sure for many, the sentiment will be the same and how could it not be. Almost everyone who pays attention to the […]

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Discrimination of the Most Vulnerable and Overlooked Minority

All Lives Should Matter One would think that in the year 2020 and with the pandemic that has had us all with way too much time to think, that we would have come up with solutions to end the discrimination we have been plagued with since probably the beginning of time. We often hear of […]

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Surviving and Striving To Make It One More Day

Another Lapsed Appearance and More Lousy Excuses It’s been a while, and I should start by stating I haven’t written anything since May of this year. At least it’s something I wrote in 2020 and I can say that I have written something since 2019, despite it not being much or that good. It was […]

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Sunny Days

Adapting to Our New Lifestyle

With this ongoing pandemic, I should have tons of time to get my blog going and writing content, but it seems to be the opposite for a few reasons.

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Are Restaurants Safe Now

Food in the Covid-19 Era During this time when Covid-19 is the subject on most everyone’s mind, many are wondering how safe it is to order from local restaurants. Here in Ontario, Canada, where I live, being able to walk into a restaurant and sit down and eat a meal ended back on March 16, […]

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Another Tough Month

A Lonely Month No doubt that many are in the same boat as me and have spent the better part of March at home away from friends and family. The issue that started in China several months ago managed to make its way to Canada and the rest of North America. I’m sure by now, […]

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It’s Been Awhile… Again

History Repeats I know that I often post about it being awhile since I last posted and come up with reasons why that is. Well, this is another one of those posts. My intentions are good, it’s my execution that really sucks and I need to think about taking a course to stop with my […]

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