More Freezing Rain for Ottawa

Normal Weather for Ottawa in the Winter I’m sitting here and watching the snow fall outside. After enjoying a warm weekend for January, where the snow was melting, and I could walk the dog without his feet freezing, we are getting dumped on with snow again. We’ve had some extremely cold weather this winter unlike […]

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It’s A Canadian Winter

Damn It’s Cold Out There! No doubt the reference to the cold weather is something most Canadians have heard frequently over the last week or so. Once again, this winter we are hearing the term “polar vortex” and it’s a term that many are still confused by and wonder what exactly does that mean other […]

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This Hurricane Season Hits with a Vengeance

Hurricane Harvey Slams into Texas We are now in the second week of September and already have seen the wrath of two hurricanes this month with a third that is not far behind. It looks like this current hurricane named Irma is going to be much deadlier than the last one that had the friendly […]

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