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Angry Trump baby balloon flying above a crowd of protestors in London, UK. The balloon even has Donald Trump wearing a diaper.
Angry Trump baby balloon flying above a crowd of protestors in London, UK

Some may be wondering why this post has the title “Idiot” without any additional words or information to better define this post. I saw something online earlier this week concerning what comes up when you search the word “idiot” in Google. Most will probably not be surprised by the results when you enter the word “idiot” into the search box on Google. It didn’t surprise me when I entered the word into Google and saw that the number one result was a picture of the large balloon that protesters were floating above the city of London. The balloon depicts Donald Trump as an angry baby complete with a diaper. Pictures and video were broadcast around the world of protestors floating the balloon over London during the visit of the American president to the United Kingdom. The president was out of Washington to attend the NATO summit in Brussels and made other stops during his overseas trip, including to one of his golf clubs in Scotland, where he was also met by protestors. I guess it can be said that the president isn’t exactly the most popular visitor when he leaves his country to attend meetings and summits.

Helsinki Meeting

After what went down in Finland during the meeting between Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, I can understand what most Americans are feeling regarding their president and leader of the free world. I thought that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had topped the list of stupid statements when he sent condolences on the behalf of all Canadians at the passing of Fidel Castro. Justin Trudeau went as far as saying that Fidel Castro was a legendary revolutionary and orator. Many Canadians, including myself, were outraged at his comments and that he was speaking on behalf of all Canadians. Many Canadians considered Fidel Castro what he was, a cruel dictator who wouldn’t think twice about executing one of his citizens. Now Americans have a president who met with Vladimir Putin and put information offered by the Russian president ahead of those of his intelligence service who have made it quite clear that Russians interfered in the last American presidential election in 2016. The United States Justice Department recently announced indictments against 12 Russian nationals as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of interference in the 2016 elections. The announcement was made just ahead of the Donald Trump visit to Windsor Castle where he was to meet Queen Elizabeth II. So, Donald Trump was aware of the indictments well ahead of his scheduled visit with the Russian president and would have had time to prepare for addressing the matter.


The following Tuesday after the meeting with Putin, Donald Trump was doing some backpedaling and clarifying what he had meant to say during the meeting rather than what he said. Trump indicated that there should have been a “wouldn’t” in place of a “would”, like it really matters now after he made it clear he put Putin’s word before his own security intelligence officers. Putin did give Trump a soccer ball during the media meeting, so Trump at least can say he didn’t walk away with nothing. Donald Trump reiterating that Putin had been “extremely strong and powerful” when he stated that Russians had nothing to do with election interference in 2016 and therefore it must be true is nothing short of ridiculous. I think in the mind of Donald Trump, that if he sees that the Russians did in fact interfere with the 2016 presidential election, it would mean that he did not actually win the election through the democratic processes presidents before him had done. Whether that is the case or not, the president needs to face the facts and consider what investigators have uncovered and act accordingly.


This last scenario is much worse that what Justin Trudeau had done in Canada with the passing of Fidel Castro and I can understand that many Americans are now ashamed of their leader. No matter how one looks at the meeting between the two presidents, it’s clear that Putin came out on top and got the response he was looking for. The olive branch he offered Donald Trump regarding the investigations of those 12 Russian officers being indicted on the interference of the 2016 election will probably never see fruition and of course, Putin wanted similar cooperation on a matter he sees as important also. The backlash happening in Washington since the return of Trump following the meeting is expected, and I think some of the remarks coming from American lawmakers are tame considering what Trump said during his meeting with Putin. There’s a reason why Putin was smiling during the media meeting following the meeting of the two presidents; he got the response he wanted from Donald Trump and made the American president look like a fool. It was like the smallest kid on the playground agreeing with everything the big kid says, no matter if it isn’t true or not. It kind of reminded me of the cartoon on the Bugs Bunny show when I was a kid of the small dog bouncing around the big dog and agreeing with everything he said and asking what he could do next for the bigger dog. The cartoon involved two characters, Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier. It was a funny cartoon and that’s what came to mind when I saw the press conference between Trump and Putin.

It will be interesting over the next days and weeks to see how Trump is able to rectify this situation. There is going to be a lot of backlash in Washington and from other sources about how the president succumbed to the Russian president and took his views over those of members of his own Justice Department. Americans will be talking for some time on how their president let them down and appeared weak and feeble before Vladimir Putin. It was a shameful performance and one I doubt will be repeated if Trump’s handlers have anything to say about it. No doubt, this meeting between the two presidents will be one that goes down in history as the day a sitting American president sold out his own country and its citizens. A performance many will not forget for a very long time.


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