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Welcome Justin

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Well it’s been a couple of years now since Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister of Canada. In that time I’m not really sure what he’s accomplished. I know that going into the election Justin Trudeau promised a lot of change that would take place if he was elected. One of the first things he said he would do us a new Prime Minister is to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees and make them citizens of Canada. This was supposed to happen in the first couple of months he was in office, however, he ran into snags right from the get-go. I’m not sure if he ever hit the goal that he was striving for. I do believe he did hit the number of 10,000 in the first couple of months, but that was far from the 25,000 he said he would reach.

Fidel Castro Death

I’m not sure how many remember to death of Fidel Castro and the comments Justin Trudeau made of him on behalf of all Canadians. Many Canadians were outraged to hear their Prime Minister describe Fidel Castro as “a legendary Revolutionary and orator”. Most Canadians are well aware of the dictatorship Fidel Castro imposed on the Cuban people. He may have been a friend to the Trudeau’s, but he certainly wasn’t seen as a friend by most Canadians. The fact is Fidel Castro led a brutal regime that led to the murder and imprisonment of thousands of men and women, disallowing the freedom of the Cuban people.

Welcome to Canada Everyone

Then of course who doesn’t remember when Donald Trump came into power and became president of United States and stated he would ban refugees from seven war torn countries and banned them from entering the United States. Justin Trudeau then reassured all those fleeing war and persecution that Canada’s doors will remain open. Justin Trudeau made it known that diversity is the strength of Canada and that Canadians will welcome all regardless of their faith. While this was a great gesture, if you would have known what the subsequent reactions of those words would be. Again, many Canadians were angry at this statement given the fact that Canada has many homeless and unemployed people that need support and are not getting that support, but let’s bring in more people and have the taxpayers support them rather than those that already live here. Then of course, people started walking across the border from the United States hoping to become Canadian citizens without going through the proper channels or procedures. Many of these people were walking across the border in midwinter without the proper clothing and required medical assistance for cold related injuries when they got here. Then because so many people were coming across, immigration officials did not have the means to handle all of the requests. Temporary shelters had to be set up to house these people while they were awaiting clearance to move into Canada. It is believed that some of these people left the temporary shelters and just merged into the general population. Justin Trudeau then had to reiterate that people walking across the border into Canada were still subject to all the regulations and rules that others must follow when immigrating to Canada. But in the meantime the taxpayers are on the hook to house thousands of people who walked across the border and were looking at three months or longer before their case was able to be presented to immigration officials.

We Like to Say Peoplekind

Then of course there was a new phrase coined by Justin Trudeau at a recent town hall meeting. The young lady asked the question using the word “mankind”, when Justin Trudeau interrupted her and said “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind. It’s more inclusive.” Of course “peoplekind” is not a real word, it doesn’t even sound like a real word, and is just another way Justin Trudeau takes political correctness to ridiculous lengths. But, it’s absurd actions such as this that garner worldwide media coverage. Talkshow hosts had a field day already absurdity of the coined phrase “peoplekind.” Britain’s Piers Morgan, wrote” in the new wave of modern feminism, the list of contenders for the coveted title of chief PC Plonker long and distinguished. But now a clear winner has emerge in the form of Trudeau, the handsome young politician publicly drool over by many of the same women who claim to find male objectification of female flesh so demeaning.” Then after all a media frenzy over the new word he invented, Justin Trudeau stated that he made a joke and was trying to be funny. So even he thought the word was dumb, but he used it.

Rules Are Meant to be Broken

Then of course there is the matter of his family vacation in December 2016. Subsequent to that trip, it was ruled by the Ethics Commissioner that he broke rules. It was found by the federal ethics watchdog that he violated some of the provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act when he vacationed on a private island owned by Aga Kahn and took a private helicopter to get there. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did apologize for his actions regarding the findings of the Ethics Commissioner. What I’m not clear on is how he could have not known that what he was doing was in violation of the rules. He could’ve easily contacted the Ethics Commissioner prior to his holiday, or have one of his many staff members do so on his behalf to get clarification on the rules. That he chose not to do so seems to indicate that he was well aware what he was doing was wrong. What’s worse, is that this trip was paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. When a sitting Prime Minister or member of their family goes anywhere, as security detail is sent with them. So when it is a trip out of the country, accommodations must also be made for the security detail, and clearly this is not come out of the pocket of the Prime Minister. There are some who believe the cost of this vacation far exceed the $215,000 that was initially disclosed.

Judge and Jury

Most recently there is a trial in Saskatchewan where a jury acquitted Gerald Stanley of 2nd degreeĀ  murder. A young native man was killed by a bullet discharged from the gun and Gerald Stanley. Apparently Colton Boushie was an occupant in an SUV when the gun was discharged. Mr. Stanley loaded the pistol as he was afraid the intruders in the SUV would attack his son, who had just smashed a windshield of the SUV with a hammer. Unfortunately, the outcome of this trial sparked numerous protests across the country as many believe the only reason Mr. Stanley was acquitted was because the jury consisted of all white members with no native representation. So now we have Justin Trudeau trying to alter the outcome of this trial without giving thought to the facts of it. Would the final outcome of the jury been different if the ethnicity of the jury members been different. Perhaps, but then again it may have been exactly that of the jury that made this decision. In any case, the Prime Minister shouldn’t be weighing in on such matters until all the facts have been laid out.

Goodbye Goodbye

The first two years of Justin Trudeau’s government haven’t exactly been stellar. It seems like money is being spent left, right and centre without any visible changes or improvements. Hopefully two years from now when the next election takes place we will get a real Prime Minister instead of someone who’s only good for taking pictures.


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