Philadelphia Eagles World Champions?

Super Bowl LII

The Big Game

Yesterday we got to view the much anticipated Super Bowl football game between the New England Patriots and the underdog Philadelphia Eagles to determine the world champions. I should add that the Eagles are my favorite American football team and have been for many years. Even though I wasn’t able to watch the whole game, I did get to watch some of it and when it came down to the last minute and the Patriots had possession of the ball, I was expecting there to be a similar comeback as the last Super Bowl. The New England Patriots were the reigning champions from last year coming into this game and were the favorites to win.

Quarterback Tom Brady

Even though the New England Patriots lost this year, you still have to look at Tom Brady as perhaps the best quarterback to ever play the game with his amount of skill and the number of Super Bowl games he has brought his team to over the time he has played with New England. At 40 years old, Brady played a hell of a game and pushed right through to the end in an effort to have his team finish on top once again. However, it wasn’t to be this year and he must remain content with his five rings and hope that he has another chance next year for that sixth Super Bowl ring.

Best Super Bowl Ever

There are some saying that this Super Bowl was the best one ever and that no otherĀ game in the last 52 years can compare. I saw mostly the game going back and forth for the exception of a couple key plays and most others I have talked to say the same. But again, I’m not an expert or a diehard football fan watching every game that’s televised in my area. Then of course there is the half-time show that is always talked about for days afterwards and has become almost as an event as the actual football game. This year it was Justin Timberlake who was the chosen performer for the half-time show and there have been both praises and criticism for his performance. This was Timberlake’s third half-time show which is the most any single performer has done in the 52 years the Super Bowl has taken place. There was also some who thought his inclusion of the song “Rock Your Body”, which was the song he and Janet Jackson performed over the much talked about “Nipplegate” where Timberlake tore off the corset of Janet Jackson and exposed her breast to a nation. Some also complained because the sound quality wasn’t very good and the attire Justin Timberlake was wearing made him look gaudy and off. He also used a projection of the late Prince which offended some people. No doubt we will be hearing about the performance in the coming days ahead; both good and bad comments.

World Champions

And now back to the football game and the conclusion of it. I kept hearing players stating that they won the world championship, or the Lombardy trophy which is awarded to the winning team of the Super Bowl. I don’t recall any teams that play in these leagues outside of the United States. Apparently, this is a practice that only takes place in North America and is a phrase that is frowned upon by most other parts of the world. I think that the phrase should be removed from the game as there is only one country that is actually participating and no other countries in the world are involved. Perhaps no other countries play the style of football the Americans do other than perhaps Canada, where the rules are a bit different, but the concept of the game is very similar. I think perhaps the term national champions or USA champions would be better suited than the term “World Champions”. Football is played in other parts of the world, but that is a sport we in North America call “soccer“. In any case, I think it’s time to reconsider what constitutes that meaning of “World Champion” and if it can be referenced to a single country playing a professional sport.

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