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Just Can't Win

It's been a rough few days. My sinus infection is back and it's a full blown one this time around. The right side of my face looks like a chipmunk's that has just filled up with goodies to bring back to its nest.

Denture Time

Both my parents had dentures before they were 40 and I'm thinking that's something I may need to do as well. Unfortunately, dentures and dentists for that matter are very expensive and being on a disability pension, funds are very limited. But I'm getting extremely fed up with having to deal with this every single winter, and often getting another sinus infection in the Spring. I know that I will have to call my doctor to get my antibiotics refilled tomorrow and I'm hoping he doesn't make drive across the city for an issue he's seen me with many times over the last 20 years.

The Navage

Some time ago I wrote a review on the Navage sinus care system. Does it work to prevent sinus infections? That I can't say for certain. There have been times when I felt the sinus pressure starting and went to the Navage right away and it did help. I believe with the Navage, you have to use it every day if you want to stave off sinus infections, which is something I'm very bad at. I have good intentions, but then fail to follow up and actually use it as I should. For myself, the sinus infections come on so fast, it's impossible for me to stay on top of them. This last one, my upper right molars started hurting Sunday night and by Monday morning all the upper teeth on the right side were throbbing. Which brings us back to my teeth, which I'm fairly sure are contributing to the constant sinus infections.


I'm going to have to make some decisions over the next few days. I'm sick of being sick and I want to be able to do things without being sidelined all the time due to these sinus infections. I started building myself a new desk and now that's on hold until I can get my sinus issues resolved. The sleepless nights and long days putting up with pain are now occurring way to often. Luckily, I have some good sleeping pills which help somewhat to get some rest at night as sleep is probably the most important thing when it comes to fighting these infections.

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