Will The World Change?

Make America Great Again sign
A campaign sign from the recent presidential election in the US

The day the new president election, Donald Trump, will be sworn in as the 45th President of the USA is fast approaching. There are many who are anticipating the downfall of society once the inauguration is completed. I am not so sure we are going to see much in the first few months of the new President’s first term on his part, but we will most likely see lots of public opposition in the former of protests and possibly riots.

We do know that Donald Trump will be sworn into office with one of the lowest approval ratings in the last few decades and that the election itself caused a divisiveness amongst the citizens of the USA that hasn’t existed in many years. The divisiveness was not only seen in the United States, but also in other countries around the world. How the new President’s policies are going to play out and be received in the United States will be interesting to see. Those policies affecting other countries, such as trade and immigration will most likely also see some resistance from American citizens. We have already seen a number of protests and those who state that Donald Trump is not their President. Some of the statements President-Elect Donald Trump has made during the election campaign and since he won the election has made many people wonder about his ability to lead the United States as the next Commander in Chief. He made statements regarding gold star parents who lost their son during a military conflict that angered many and most recently refused to answer questions of a reporter because the agency he worked for reported “fake news”. If this is how he is going to treat the media once he is sworn in, there are going to be many more problems for the new President. Politicians have to be very careful how they deal with the media and doing some of the things Donald Trump has done in recent months makes him look like a spoiled child.

Despite what people may think of Donald Trump and the platform that won him the election, he deserves the opportunity to form a government and fulfill his service as President of the United States. Whether the decisions he makes are right or wrong, he did win the election and should be given the opportunity to prove himself. There are times we elect someone that we didn’t think would do a good job and they surprise us with their performance and some end up making history. There are also those that are much worse than we thought they would be, in which case they lose in the next election or resign. Time will tell how well Donald Trump is performing as President and public response will provide him with a passing or failing grade.

The world will see a new President of the United States sworn in on Friday, but it will be business as usual other than the pageantry of the inauguration. Stock markets may react afterwards, but even they will most likely correct after a few days or weeks. Hopefully he will be able to improve life for those in the middle class and those living in poverty as he promised he would do during the election.

I don’t see him making it through his first term myself, let alone do a second term as he has indicated in a recent interview. I just believe some of his ideas are going to generate even more animosity and divisiveness than what we are seeing now. Donald Trump will certainly make history, but I think it is going to be something bad. Who knows, he may surprise everyone and be a President people will measure future people in that role. With his approval rating what it is, it is possible he is on the wrong side of some people that could make things very bad for him. There is still a huge controversy over the assassination of John F. Kennedy that took place over 50 years ago. Richard Nixon had to resign over matters that became known to the public, although he was later pardoned by Ford, who was promoted from Vice President to President upon Nixon’s resignation. Bill Clinton faced impeachment over a controversy regarding his sexual innuendos with a female intern. How many of us are going to forget his comments suggesting that oral sex was not in fact a sexual act. We have already heard stories regarding Donald Trump and allegations he is a misogynist and he used his position within business to grope women. Once that information became public, there were a number of women who came forward and stated that they were victims of Donald Trump and that the stories were factual. I’m anticipating that there will be many more such stories surfacing once he is sworn in as President this coming Friday.

If anything, we can look forward to some entertainment. When Donald Trump speaks, he almost always says something inappropriate. How he acts on the world stage as President Trump remains to be seen. Will he be a sense of pride or an embarrassment to the citizens of the United States when he attends meetings with the leaders of business and other countries? Here in Canada our Prime Minister made some remarks at the death of Fidel Castro that embarrassed many Canadian citizens, including myself. If our politicians want to make statements, they are free to do so, but don’t make them on behalf of the citizens of the country you are leading.

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