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An Afternoon of CPAC

I decided this afternoon that I would turn on CPAC and watch some coverage from our House of Commons proceedings and see how the world of Canadian politics is progressing. Many years ago, I used to tune in when I had nothing else to do just to learn about our parliamentary system and how our elected members were earning their salaries. All I can say from what I saw this afternoon is that Canadians should be embarrassed at how these clowns act and that we are paying them six figure salaries to do so. Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was asked the same question multiple times about information on his recent trip to India and many times he was asked to answer the question with a yes or no. All he did was talk in circles about providing the Opposition leader with access to the information through the Privy Council and once again was putting words in the mouths of Canadians stating that they would like to see confidential information remain confidential. Maybe other Canadians want that, but what I want is our Prime Minister to answer the question he was asked and to do so truthfully and as he was asked to answer it, with a yes or no. After numerous attempts to get the answer from the Prime Minister unsuccessfully, Justin Trudeau then passed the torch over to one of his cronies, Ralph Goodale, who just continued answering the question exactly as the Prime Minister had done. Watching this was worse than watching school children squabble over something trivial during a recess break. After watching the Opposition try numerous times to get an answer to a simple question, I felt like reaching through the television and grabbing Justin Trudeau by the lapel collars of his suit and yelling in his face to just answer the fucking question already.

Overpaid Boneheads

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Now most of those who voted for the Liberal party in the last federal election and to have Justin Trudeau as their Prime Minister must be regretting that vote. People who were old enough during the last election to remember Pierre Elliot Trudeau should have known that his son wasn’t going to do any better. You know things aren’t going to go well when after the election the media reports on the new Prime Minister are most about how photogenic he and his wife are and how sexy a couple they make. We heard all the campaign promises about helping the middle class which turns out to be mostly his rich friends. Hard to believe that taxpayers are on the hook for over $300,000 a year for a Prime Minister that can’t even answer a fucking yes or no question. Have these bozos even seen what they look like to the Canadian public on a broadcast such as CPAC? It’s embarrassing to say the least if what I saw this afternoon is a regular occurrence. These are the people who are passing laws in our country and have the audacity to call themselves honourable. How the hell can you consider yourself honourable if you can’t answer a simple yes or no question? Absolutely pathetic that this is what our government has descended to, self-serving bastards that skirt around the issues, take vacations on the Canadian taxpayer’s dime while ignoring the ethics rules they are supposed to be following and unable to answer simple questions. I could have asked a three-year-old a question along the same lines as that asked of the Prime Minister and I know I could have gotten a yes or no answer after a couple of attempts.

Enough Ranting

Time to put away the Canadian politics for awhile and move on to more pressing matters. Last night there was an interview on 60 Minutes with former porn star Stormy Daniels and her time with United States President Donald Trump. Justin Trudeau may have been admired for his looks once he became Prime Minister, but I doubt he will ever have the notoriety of the American President. It’s nothing new to learn of the sexual exploits of an American President, but it is more interesting than watching children argue in our House of Commons and watch the same exchange of words go back and forth for 30 minutes. It turns out that the interview on 60 Minutes drew the highest rating for that show in last 10 years. Stormy Daniels is considerably easier on the eyes than Justin Trudeau. I’m not sure who the people were that said he was so photogenic and sexy; most women I’ve talked to don’t seem to see it. Perhaps Justin can find a new career path in modeling after the next election and he’s hopefully tossed out of politics altogether. The voters in his own riding would be wise to vote in the candidate for the Bloc or the NDP. Trudeau 2.0 has turned out to be an even bigger disappointment than the first version. At least he will go down in the record books as being the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to have broken ethics rules while in the highest political office in the country. That’s something he should be fucking proud of! If you feel like you need an afternoon of frustration and embarrassment, tune into CPAC during Question Period in the House of Commons and you won’t be disappointed.


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